About Us

The DC Childcare Collective has been providing childcare to parents involved in social justice activism in DC since the summer of 2005. The Collective came together at the suggestion of community organizers working on campaigns involving tenant’s rights, privatization of public spaces in DC, and affordable, high quality childcare for all.

DCCC Mission & Goals

The DC Childcare Collective (DCCC) provides childcare as an act of solidarity with social justice organizations in the DC Metro area in order to make their work more accessible for people with childcare responsibilities.

Our collective is founded on the belief that mothers, women of color, and people with low incomes are critical leaders of social justice movements. However, because the responsibility for childcare is disproportionately placed on these individuals, and because of the lack of affordable childcare in DC, it can be difficult for mothers and other caregivers to become involved and stay involved in community organizing.

We also believe that children are also an important part of the community and we believe that every child deserves quality childcare that meets their needs. We seek to transform caring for children into a community responsibility, rather than primarily the work of women of color and people with low incomes.

To fulfill this mission, the DCCC:

- provides free childcare for progressive grassroots groups and organizations that otherwise would not be able to provide childcare to their members.
- provides childcare that is engaging, empowering, safe, and fun.
- promotes childcare as a social justice issue.- raises awareness, among our membership and our wider communities, about issues that parents and guardians with low incomes face.

To do this well, the DCCC:

- will be accountable to children, their parents and guardians, and the organizations we partner with, as well as to our collective as a whole.
- will build and sustain a collective of volunteers with the capacity to provide quality childcare for our partner organizations.
- will strengthen relationships with organizations, parents, and guardians by communicating about our work, and by being responsive to their concerns.
- will learn about and develop ways to engage with kids that are responsive to their needs, encourage creativity and cooperation, and respect them as people.
- will learn about the political movements and organizing in DC and the role our collective plays in these movements.
- will evaluate our own relationship to systemic privilege and oppression, as well as how those realities affect our relationships to each other and the people and organizations with whom we work.

The Collective is an all-volunteer organization made up of 5 core members and a volunteer base of about twenty people. We hold orientations for new volunteers every 3-4 months to keep our numbers up so that we can continue to provide quality childcare to organizations throughout the city. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering with the Collective please see the “Get Involved” section of this website for instructions on how to apply.