We are looking for donations of materials for our Kid Kits! At each gig, we like to be prepared with supplies for creative, empowering activities.

art supplies: white paper, colored/construction paper, markers, crayons, pens or pencils, kid scissors, scotch tape, glue sticks, Elmer’s glue, watercolor paint set, paintbrushes, chalk, play dough, popsicle sticks, string or yarn, and tempera paint set.

toys: beach ball, balloons, children’s stories, deck of cards, scarves, hats, bouncy ball, rattle or other baby toy, stuffed animals, puzzle, small set of wood blocks, puppets, small plastic containers and blanket.

first aid kit: fanny pak, latex gloves, band-aids, alcohol swab, and gauze pads.

Email to coordinate donations! We can also accept cash donations.